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Client Consent Form

Client Information

Your card will only be used in the event of a no-show or late cancellation as per our policy.

Terms, conditions, and policies

Payment Policy

FULL PAYMENT IS EXPECTED UPON RENDERING OF SERVICES. Alternative payment plans must be discussed and approved prior to the start of treatment. Deposits are required on major/surgical cases, trauma cases, and emergency work where hospitalization is required. There is a fee for all refunded checks. Outstanding balances upon accounts may result in account information being sent to a collection agency.

Social media consent

I give permission for Veterinarian Mobility Center to use pictures, videos, history, or medical information about my pets in the media (such as, but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, our website)

Social Media Consent
I consent
I do not consent

No-show policy

I am aware that if I fail to show up for my appointment without appropriate notice I am subject to a fee of full payment for the appointment missed.

Cancellation policy

I am aware that three hour prior to scheduled appointment is considered appropriate notice for cancellation. Anything less than three hour of notice will be subject to the No-show policy.

Hydrotherapy policy

I am aware that should any vomiting, bowel movements, or urinating occur while in the underwater treadmill it will end the session and full payment is still expected.

Single choice
I accept terms, conditions, and policies outlined above and that my information provided in the "Client Information" section is accurate and true.
Single choice
I consent to receiving the monthly newsletter and updates via email.
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