Our team will work with you to provide a personalized treatment plan for your pet.


We believe that moving should not be painful.  We believe that age is not a disease. We believe we can help. 

We are a veterinary clinic that is dedicated to increasing quality of life for your pet through veterinary medicine and physical rehabilitation. 


Dedicated to improving the quality of life of our companions


Proudly Partnered With Orthopets

We offer custom brace and prosthetics to pets with unstable joints, crooked and malformed limbs and painful arthritic joints that are unable to move.  

Animal Rehabilitation Therapy

If your pet has been diagnosed with a movement issue such as arthritis, IVDD, cruciate injury, then rehabilitation can help.

Not know why your pet is sore, lame and painful? We offer initial examinations to find out where and what the issue is and most importantly, how to treat it. 

Sports Dog Training

Many dogs are not only loyal, lovable companions. They are also athletes. They are committed to compete and love every minute of it. 

Just like human athletes, canine athletes can endure injury and strain. We not only work to prevent injury, we establish training protocols to increase speed, endurance and sustainability.

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