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Our client stories

"My English Mastiff “Sara” had a partial tear of her knee ligament from slipping on ice.  She was favouring the damaged leg and being almost 8 years old I was wanting to improve her quality of life.  I took Sara to the Veterinary Mobility Center for an assessment.  The staff did an excellent job of diagnosing and treating the knee.  Sara loved to go there and get the attention and the workout.  They recommended an Orthopets brace for Sara.  Being a large breed at about 70 kilograms the staff did an excellent job of making a cast impression and taking measurements.  The company, Orthopets, was very easy to deal with and the brace fit very well on the first attempt.  Sara really enjoys it and it helps in doing exercises and strengthening the damaged knee.  The training and the exercise that the Mobility Veterinary Center gave me as part of the acquiring a brace was excellent.  They really care about the client and more importantly about the pet.  Sara started wearing her brace every day (about 12 hours a day), putting it on was very easy.  I now use it for walks primarily rather than having it on for extended periods and it helps with the walks that are so important to Sara’s happiness.  It is good to have the assurance of the Orthopets brace and the reliability of the Veterinary Mobility Center.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Veterinary Mobility Center and the Orthopets Device for your pet."


Don Hamilton, Regina Sask.

"In 2016, my then almost 10 year old vizsla/lab cross, Ravi, started slowing down during walks and gradually looked in pain most of the time. He has always been quite active and curious, so when he couldn’t keep up with our family over Thanksgiving, I took him for a check-up. I was told his cruciate was partially torn, and likely to fail in time. We were recommended to Dr. Hudye for preventative physio.

As an owner, I was greatly impressed with how all the staff treat their patients very well, offering not just the odd treat, but also hugs and words of encouragement during the sessions. I have been thankful for all the detailed explanations of what was being looked at, how various tips and techniques could help in the long run, and the very positive, friendly atmosphere.

When Ravi’s knee let finally gave out, went to Dr. Hudye for laser and acupuncture treatments while waiting for the TPLO surgery to be performed. A few weeks after the surgery, we went back to Dr. Hudye’s clinic for physio treatment. While I know the various services helped him heal, I think the interaction with the team was even more help and motivation for him to get better. He managed to heal fairly quickly after the surgery, but unfortunately, his other cruciate failed. As another surgery was prohibitive for us, I had several discussions with Dr. Hudye and Justine about potential options, most notably an orthotic brace.

Once we received the custom made brace, Ravi first adjusted to it, then thrived with it. He was able to regain his active lifestyle, as he enjoys long walks and finding anything resembling a slight hill to climb. After using it for about a year and a half, we started to notice that it was having rubbing issues. We sent it to be refurbished – while it was being repaired, Ravi struggled to stay active and had an obvious limp in that leg. Shortly after we had it back in our possession, he was able to put it to the test as we made a road trip to Dawson City. Not only did the brace enable him to get back into walking, he thrived in it and spent many hours hiking on various terrains while exploring the area.

While we were excited to have our recent relocation taking us to the Yukon, we have been saddened that Ravi will no longer get to see “Dr. Dharma” and her crew.  We have continued to use many of the at-home/self-serve tips and tricks we learned over the past 3 years to keep his legs healthy and strong. I know Ravi would give 4 paws up if asked about his experience with Vet Mobility Clinic."

Kuno Dengler, Dawson City, Yukon