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We work with you to help your pet. 

You may not yet have a diagnosis or answer to WHY IS YOUR PET LAME, SORE and PAINFUL. We offer initial examinations to determine the source of the problem. Once we know the issue we are dealing with, then a proper treatment plan will be established.

Common conditions include arthritis, disc disease (IVDD), limb deformity (born with misshapen legs or missing limbs), patella/kneecap luxation, cruciate ligament injury, hip dysplasia, post surgical patients, femoral head ostectomy (FHO), tripawds, sport performance issues, degenerative myelopathy, spinal spondylosis/ arthritis, ligament hyperextension (carpal hyperextension).... the list continues.

We welcome the opportunity to work with patients who have been referred from other veterinary clinics, as well as clients who have recognized a need for our services without a prior referral.





Schedule an Assessment

Is your pet limping or painful and not know why or what is causing this? Is your dog recovering from spinal or limb surgery?   Are you strengthening pre surgery in order to increase their recovery? Are you trying to avoid surgery and focusing on stamina and return of strength? WE CAN HELP. 

We do not require a veterinary referral for an assessment. Let us figure what is wrong and what options are available for them. 



During the initial assessment, Dr. Hudye and her team will employ a variety of techniques and specialized diagnostic tools to examine your pet’s structure, gait, and any compensation mechanisms present. An in-depth neurological, joint, and muscle examination will help us determine an appropriate treatment plan for your pet.



Treatment focuses on increased healing, improved movement and pain control. A multi-modal integrative approach is used for every case. Medications, acupuncture, joint injections, prescribed exercise, manual rehab therapy, hydrotherapy, weight loss and joint supplements are just a few of the many options we have available. We will find what is best suited for you!

Keep in Touch!

We love hearing updates from pet owners! Whether your pet is currently a patient working through a treatment plan, is a past patient with a need for reassessment, or you just want to say hello, every patient we work with begins to feel like a member of our own extended family due to the in-depth and highly individualized care they typically require. The relationships we build with pets and their owners are as special to us as they are to you!

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