• The EMbrace Relief System works by gently pulsing an electromagnetic field into your pup's soft tissue.

    The EMbrace Relief System's signature EM technology is more commonly known as Electromagnetic (EM) Field or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. EM works at the cellular level to help reduce pain and swelling while increasing blood flow.

    The EMbrace Relief System is a noninvasive solution for pain management, allowing activity to continue while receiving healing therapy whether it is for acute injury, post-operative recovery or chronic (arthritic) pain.

    Our device is easy to use and rechargeable. Simply press the power button to start your pup's 2-hour therapy session.

    • One EMbrace Garment
      • Soft and comfortable garment designed to properly position the EMpower device(s), directing EM to the targeted hip, spine or shoulder
      • Please note this garment is NOT an orthotic brace, but simply a soft wrap which functions as a delivery system
    • EMpower Device
      • Portable device, containing the power source for the EM treatment, attaching to any location on the EMbrace Garment
    • Battery Charger
      • Mini-USB compatible AC charger used to recharge the EMpower device


    • Dog hip pain, back pain, shoulder pain and joint pain
    • Pain treatment for dogs with Hip Dysplasia
    • Pain treatment for dogs after surgery
    • Pain relief when surgery is not an option
    • Pain treatment for dogs with Osteoarthritis (OA)
    • Pain relief from Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) symptoms
    • Aches and pains resulting from overexertion, strains, and sprains
    • Swelling or edema due to injury

    • Reduces pain while allowing your dog to remain active
    • NO side effects and reduces dependency on NSAIDs
    • EM/PEMF has been clinically proven to:
      • Increase anti-inflammatory response
      • Increase circulation
      • Reduce swelling
      • Relieve pain, including pain following surgery
    • EM/PEMF technology, as evidenced by the research, is effective in providing temporary relief from the symptoms that accompany dysplasia, occurring in the hip, spine or shoulder regions
    • Safe and comfortable pain treatment option for senior dogs
    • Senior dogs Quality of Life (QOL) is improved
    • Significant savings due to reduced need for costly medications
    • Whether in the home or therapy setting, this wearable system allows your dog the freedom to be more active, contributing to a better recovery and a better quality of life

EMbrace Relief System (EMpower Unit + EMbrace Garment)

EMpower Device
  • Measure the circumference of the chest from behind the shoulders.

    Compare this measurement with the list below.

    If your measurement overlaps sizes, choose the larger size.

    SMALL 17" - 22"
    MEDIUM 21" - 29"
    LARGE 26" - 42"

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