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Why are they doing that? Could it be PAIN?

We all know what acute pain looks and feels like. This is the broken leg, or the post op neuter/spay, or the bite wound, and even the dreaded porcupine quills in the face. Ouch! But do you know what chronic pain is? The signs are slower onset, more subtle and hence more difficult to recognize.


Common Signs of Pain in Dogs

  • Decreased social interaction

  • Anxious expression

  • Submissive behavior

  • Refusal to move

  • Whimpering

  • Howling

  • Growling

  • Guarding behavior

  • Aggression; biting

  • Decreased appetite

  • Self-mutilation (chewing)

  • Changes in posture

Common Signs of Pain in Cats

  • Reduced activity

  • Loss of appetite

  • Quiet/loss of curiosity

  • Changes in urinary/defecation habits

  • Hiding

  • Hissing or spitting

  • Lack of agility/jumping

  • Excessive licking/grooming

  • Stiff posture/gait

  • Guarding behavior

  • Stops grooming/matted fur

  • Tail flicking

  • Weight loss

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