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So Many Supplements - Which one is the best? Which one to choose?

I often stroll down the vitamin or supplement aisle in the grocery and feel literally overwhelmed staring at all the options of vitamins staring back at me. Anyone else notice how many vitamin B options there are? It seems as if the entire alphabet is on display!

This got me thinking of my clients and all the joint health supplements on the market.  Throughout my 15, going on 16 year vet career, I have already witnessed changes in neutraceutical recommendations- omega fatty acids were the most important, then green lipped mussel was offered in many joint diets, but don't forget about chondroitin and glucosamine. But how much? Can you give a human product?


Think of the KISS principle- Keep it simple stupid.


The product must be absorbed by the patient, and then also make it into the joint where the actual process of arthritis is going on. The purpose should be to increase joint lubrication and provide building blocks to the joint cartilage cells called chondrocytes. If it can't be absorbed properly or not pass through the joint lining to the area of action, then there is no point. 

Our clinic recommends Dasuquin (Nutramax) for the simple reason of good research and strict product/ingredient guidelines.  This does not mean other brands or products are inferior and should not be used though. Be aware of all options, and what their purpose is and this should help guide you the next time you find yourself staring at the product shelf!

A great non biased veterinarian overview  of joint supplements and their action is covered at the link:


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