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May 2019 OrthoPets Case Study for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute: Sneaky, a Tripawd

Sneaky is a 10 year old female spayed Pit Bull mix, whose right hind leg was amputated in Feb. 2019, as a result of a pathological distal tibial fracture secondary to osteosarcoma. As an older dog who was also already showing signs of a possible cranial cruciate ligament rupture on her left hind limb, her owners were keen to protect her remaining stifle and give her added support. 

A typical bully-type dog in conformation, Sneaky posed some interesting suspension challenges for an orthosis. Bully breed dogs tend to have petite, low-set malleoli, and muscular, conical thighs, all of which make for a challenging fit in a stifle orthosis. Ordinarily, we would solve this by adding a tarsal shell to the distal end of the device, but the frontal and transverse plane movements tripawd dogs typically use in gait can cause skin concerns with a rigid tarsal shell.