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April 2019 OrthoPets Case Study for the Canine Rehabilitation Institute: Nesta

Nesta Marley is a 2-year-old MN Scottish Terrier, adopted from a Scottish Terrier rescue group, who was born with right forelimb ectrodactyly syndrome with medial partial syndactyly arthrogryposis of carpal and MCP joint and left ulnar agenesis and amelia of digits. Nesta has had two different prosthetic devices from two different companies for his left forelimb without success. 

In April of 2018 OrthoPets began working with Nesta Marley. OrthoPets discussed the difficulty and concern for suspension for the left forelimb prosthesis due to poor humeral access and a small antebrachium. Nesta’s wonderful owner was determined to find a solution for him so he could live a normal life. The first device fabricated by OP would not stay on, despite many adjustments. We were getting closer to finding a solution, however, as this had been the most successful device he had tried so far. Nesta and his owner decided it was best to drive out to OP from New Jersey to find a solution for him in person. 

OrthoPets worked for about a week with Nesta and his owner to come up with a new design to stay on his leg. The new device was streamlined as much as possible, the humeral cuff was removed, and a new silicone antebrachial liner was fabricated. This was the first time experimenting with silicone as a solution for better purchase.  As soon as the new device was donned, Nesta Marley took off running in his new device down OrthoPet’s hallway. The OP Staff and his owner watched him nervously to see if the prosthesis would come flying off, but it did not! Finally, the OP Team had found a design that stayed on his challenging limb. Nesta even got to walk on concrete or the first time in his life.  

OrthoPets has received regular updates on progress and Nesta still loves his new leg. He is even in a contest to be voted Top Dog in New Jersey and we wish him the best of luck. 

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