Moving does not need to hurt. 

We are a veterinary clinic devoted to PAIN.With the knowledge and training of veterinary medicine, physical rehabilitation, functional kinematic movement, acupuncture and regenerative medicine, we will help. 


First, we need to determine the source of pain. Our animals show pain in various ways, often hiding their discomfort and compensations until they can no longer. Using orthopedic, neurological and kinematic functioning examination skill, we will find the source and treat it. 

Goals of treatment are : 1) decrease pain

                                        2) increase healing rate and amount

                                        3) regain functional movement and prevent reinjury

Our patients vary greatly day to day and appointment to appointment. They are the young, the old and in between. Dogs and cats to rabbits and ducks, we have treated them all. The old dog with arthritis that stops him from walking as he used to. The cat that cannot use the litterbox properly any more because of spinal arthritis. The young puppy with crooked legs or misshapen paws they were born with, unable to learn to walk properly. Your dog companion that is not allowed to walk or run as he wants to because he injured his cruciate knee ligament. Your paralyzed pet that is suffering from intervertebral disc disease.  The canine police officer, the flyball and agility competitor, the bed bug detection dog. No matter the cause of pain, we can help. No matter the challenge or work they are bred and trained to do, we can help. 

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