Rehab Fitness

Strengthening and proper mechanics is key to full recovery and prevention of future injury. We offer GROUP and INDIVIDUAL classes that are lead by our fantastic staff who are trained in therapeutic exercises. 

Payment for group classes is due prior to the beginning of class - can be purchased as a punch pass of 5 or 15 classes.  Punch passes are not limited to one specific class or one dog in your family.  They can be used for any of your pet family and for any class offered. 

Note: class reservation will be confirmed by our staff once we receive your request to ensure the class is the right fit for your pet!

Head to Tail

This is total body conditioning. Using various props and their own body weight, exercises will target core, front end strength and hind end power. 

Steady Spine

Spinal balance, stamina and core strength is the focus for this class. Highly recommended for spinal arthritis, post IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), tripawds (our 3 leg friends have to work extra hard to balance).

Motion is Lotion

Stiff joints? Slow to rise? 1 in 5 dogs have arthritis which causes weak muscles and tendons surrounding that joint.  If they don't move, they will lose the muscle. This class uses low impact, gentle joint range of motion movement to increase balance, mobility and comfort.  Great for any dog with arthritis in one or all joints!  

Power Legs

 Designed to target the specific muscles of the back legs.  Strong glutes will prevent slipping and splaying on ice and slippery floors. Engaged hamstrings will stabilize the knee joint and prevents over extending the knee. Well developed quadriceps will help them stand strong and stable. Perfect for dogs with weak back legs, hip dysplasia and cruciate injury.

Want to see class times and book your spot?  Book online by using the link below.



Feel free to also CALL or TEXT the clinic at 306 522 7152 to reserve your spot! 

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